We are a martial arts group who trains in Birmingham (UK). We provide a relaxed and friendly environment where people feel comfortable to train whatever their level. We practise a style of Kung Fu called Lau Gar, which is composed of short and long range techniques and varies from basic punching and kicking techniques to weapon training. Along with traditional kung fu, our training comprises kick boxing as well.

The club is based in New Town Community Centre, where there are regular adult and children training sessions. During term time, we train 3 times a week at the University of Birmingham, as well. Training sessions are of one hour and a half or two hours each and usually one hour is devoted to contact kung fu and the other is focused on traditional kung fu. Basic attack and defense techniques, kung fu forms, self defense, breathing and body conditioning are part of our training as well.

Feel free to come along and try a session:

  • No special footwear is required, we train barefoot
  • Loose clothing essential
  • Beginners welcome at all times
  • The first session is free, whenever you decide to start

Newtown Black Dragon Kung Fu Club details:
venue: New Town Community Centre, B19
prices : N/A
insurance+licence: £30 for 1 year

University of Birmingham Black Dragon Kung Fu Society details:
venue: to be confirmed (check the calendar)
prices : £1.50 per 1 hour, £3.00 per 2 hours
membership: £3 for 1 year
insurance+licence: £30 for 1 year
Kung fu lovers card (members only): £12.00 per 12 hours (to be used whenever you like during the year)


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