Our Instructors

At the heart of our club is our Chief Instructor Sifu Vincent Lewis who regularly coaches the Newtown training sessions. He has more than 40 years of practising and coaching kung fu on his shoulders. He has participated in and won many martial arts competitions and his passion for the “hard work” is never ending.

You will find his sessions are the hardest you can attend but he will always manage to make you smile even in the struggle!

Here is Sifu Vincent:

The training sessions at the University of Birmingham are usually led by Sifu Dan and Sifu Neil. They are both former students of the University of Birmingham and they both had their first training session there. Even though they started their path together they have very different styles both in practising and in teaching kung fu.

Sifu Dan has a more internal style and relates better to the traditional kung fu practise than the more aggressive contact one. He is very knowledgeable in the history and philosophy of kung fu and enjoys reading books about it. Ask him for some references if you get the chance!

Here is Sifu Daniel Carefoot:

Sifu Neil has a more external style, focused on strength and direct attack movements. He is very knowledgeable in self defense techniques and street fights. He knows various techniques from other fighting disciplines too. You will find his sessions very tough as he loves pushing you towards your boundaries!

Here is Sifu Neil Jackson:


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