The Uni Committee

We are a fairly new established society, even if the club in itself has a long history. The current committee was elected in March 2012 and is formed by a group of 5 kung fu enthusiasts. Our chair and older member is Loretta Mancini, she does not like too much noise about herself so here she is:

Our secretary and kung fu tournament champion is Austin Tomlinson, he is a Physics student and prospective PhD student. Yes, yes a big brain working, but also a proficient kung fu fighter!
Here is Austin Tomlinson:

Our IT responsible and co-treasurer is Matt Cottrell. His enthusiasm in training won him an award as kung fu student of the year. He spent his holidays in China so we expect him to double up this year with his enthusiasm!
Here is Matt Cottrell:

The social soul of the society is our special Nazgul. Never a girl has trained so hard! She is keen on fighting and tournament and she is part of the competition team at Newtown. Just a little advice don’t be fooled by her sweet smile, she is tough!
Here is Nazgul Zeinullina:

And last but not least we would like to introduce our public relations representative, Emily. She is the one bringing charm to the society with her kindness and of course pretty smile! Emily is pushing herself hard without ever loosing her appeal, ask Emily her secret next time you see her!
Here is Emily Jarmann (the one in green):

Here we are at the re-fresher fair 2012:


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